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Musical Muse Development is a music school founded by Mijaelle Dewart where people of all ages have fun expressing themselves whilst learning valuable skills in their chosen field or instrument.  At Musical Muse you are encouraged to be yourself, to think creatively and to participate in a community of support and growth. We offer private tuition at the school with Mijaelle or at your home with one of our skilled teachers. You have the option of doing internationally accredited exams with Trinity College of London. Students have access to a fully equipped music studio and Mijaelle as a producer, so that you may record original music or cover versions.Mijaelle is operatically trained by Dawie Couzyn and after completing 8 years with him, she then launched her own musical career as a musical documentarian and then opened her own school as from August 2015.  Mijaelle is well versed in the playing of guitar and piano and has recorded her own album and is continuously producing and composing new music for herself as well as other people too. As a talented videographer, chat show host and producer of music videos, Mijaelle is most adept at helping other people fulfill their personal recording dreams as well, and even got a past student signed to a music contract by co-authoring a song for her which was released on iTunes music.
My Mother Nature by Liv
Her personal credo is: “I believe that if you have a desire, it is meant to be realised. I love creating an environment where my students feel secure and free to openly share their dreams with me. It fills my heart with joy to see my students express themselves.” – Mijaelle Dewart

Session Singer / Studio Recordings

Having an angelic and powerful voice means that Mijaelle has the ability to take any song and turn it into a masterpiece. She is known for her excellent ear training as she can sing a song after hearing it generally after one listen.Harmony is very important when you are a singer and holding a harmony and identifying it, would then be a key feature, one Mijaelle is most skilled at too. Having been hired by other musicians is an accolade as they recognise the clarity of her voice and it is a passion of hers to record more across all genres (she has recorded vocals for hip hop, RnB, pop, indie, rock and dance)You too can have your vocals and/or music recorded in a professional studio with the guidance of Mijaelle and her trusted sound engineer and co-producer Tyler Low. We offer various studio recording packages for cover versions or original music. We will help you every step of the way so you need not have previous experience in studio.

My music is available for download at Bandcamp

Professionalism is paramount and the constant honing of her skill has afforded her a 5 * rating from a SA based organisation with reach across the world.
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Art School

Jâree Dewart

So, the art school runs from the same location as the music school as we are a highly talented family. Jâree Dewart is a highly skilled master artist who not only creates from his imagination and  brings extraordinary pictures to the fore, but he also teaches all ages to find their own unique  beauty. The Art school, Dreamer’s Tower is literally a world of magic where students come to express and to unlock their own personal creativity.

Classes are either one-on-one mentoring, two siblings together, or even art therapy for someone getting over an injury.  There are also group art nights where people work on their own projects under his watchful eye.

Contact him directly to discover how he may best assist you on your journey.

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