Singing Lessons

Vocal Master Class

This 1 hour course will give you essential tools for being a singer and no prior experience is needed.

Things you will learn on the day:

– Correct breath technique and core exercises.
– Vocal health and how to protect your voice.
– I will find your range (how high and low you can sing)
– We will do vocal warm ups to get your voice ready for singing.
– You will learn how to use mouth shaping to improve diction.
– I will teach you about vocal registers and dynamics.

Weekly Lessons

Per half an hour week lesson, you will learn singing and breathing techniques plus add to your repertoire, with the option of doing Vaccai, a pre opera book for vocal technique.

Per one hour week lesson, you get everything in option 1 plus ear training and sight singing which are vital skills for anyone seeking work in the music industry. 


You have the option of being graded via Trinity College London in either classical or Rock Pop.

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