Piano / Keyboard Lessons

There are many wonderful reasons why someone could choose to learn to play the piano. Firstly, it is a string as well as a percussion instrument, so you can hit a few keys and instantly get that gratification of making music.

If you want to understand music theory, whether you wish to compose or read music, a piano is a great instrument to start on. The way which the keys are laid out on a piano makes it easy to have a visual representation of a concept in theory. For example, the position of the black and white keys on a piano clearly show us  how tones and semi tones work, whereas that is harder to see on other instruments.

You can choose to do exams and follow a specific program going through the grades, or you can choose a more avant garde approach that suits your personal desires more. I have had students take instruction from me so that they can best accompany their church band by learning how to play chords in different ways. Many adults have yearned for their own arrangements to match their singing style and we have ways to do that in accordance with their skill level.

Music composition is made easy through the use of a piano in collaboration with a music program on a computer so that you can hear  the completed work as it progresses. 

Children with little hands and lack of control can start playing piano while learning about rhythm. I  teach little ones through various games, using colour and animal cards etc, so that they are fully immersed in the music experience.

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