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The guitar is such a wonderful instrument because it’s portable and you can choose to have an acoustic or electric sound. There are various styles for playing guitar like classical, fingerstyle, blues and rock and you can play with or without a pick. The different textures or timbre that you get from a guitar make it really fun to play.

The ukulele is a small 4-string guitar of Hawaiian origin. It has similar chord structures to the guitar but they are arranged differently because the strings start on different notes. I have found that children gravitate more to the ukulele because it is easier to hold whereas adults love the ukulele for the nostalgic folksy feeling that is reminiscent of being on holiday.  

Music theory for guitarists can either be basic, using TAB and playing by ear, or can be more advanced where you learn how to play a song as written on sheet music. I love helping my students understand how chords and scales are structured on a guitar so that they get an ‘insider’s perspective’ on how songs are written and this helps them become versatile musicians.

You can follow a more formal approach by doing exams, or you can choose an approach or style of playing that best fits your own requirements and then build the corresponding skill.  I am often asked to help students create their own arrangements of popular songs so that they can perform them in a way that reflects their creative flair.  

Lee Guitar teacher
Lee - guitar teacher

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