Mijaelle Dewart
Musical Muse Development
Bringing the magic back to music.
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Sound is all around us, be it nature, the hustle and bustle of city life or the sound of children playing. It is through the exploration of the sounds around us that we discovered how to make musical instruments. Henceforth with the invention of music programs and synthesizers we are able to reproduce any tone imaginable.


I believe in using all of the mediums available to me to create music because I get a thrill out of experimenting with the limitless options available to a composer of today. The funny thing is that there are only 12 notes available to play and yet we are able to create an infinite amount of compositions because of differing factors like the timbre of instruments, acoustics, and the ability to manipulate frequencies and mathematically alter sound.


We even use sound to communicate with each other every day through our speech and music is a language that we all understand. We are diverse beings, and just as we are attracted to different colours we are drawn to different sounds. Music affects our vibration; it can uplift us, inspire us, make us cry and get us energized. It can also have a negative effect on us if it is heavy or strident, which is why I make a point of composing music that has a positive effect on the listener therefore adding to their well being.

There is always more to learn in the world of music and it is an adventure that I joyfully partake in!