Mijaelle Dewart
Musical Muse Development
Bringing the magic back to music.
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flying kite on story book.Music is a huge part of my life and through this experience I have been able to branch out into different avenues. Doing Heart-Beats, for example, required that I learn video editing, which now enables me to offer this service to others in conjunction with my brother, who is an artist. My brother and I have collaborated on different projects in the past, like sculpting and wood work, and it is joy to work with him in this way as well.

I also have a passion for writing, which has always been encouraged in my life, as my mother is an author. I express this passion through my lyrics and plays. My lyrics can be character driven or personal and my plays are based around a moral that is presented in a fun and light way.


No matter what I am creating I believe in having fun and doing what I love and I am grateful for the opportunity to share this with the world.