Mijaelle Dewart
Musical Muse Development
Bringing the magic back to music.
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  Piano Lessons  

Buldog playing piano.I like the piano because it is a percussion instrument which uses strings to produce a beautiful tone. I started playing on a keyboard and graduated to the piano and thus offer lessons on both. I like to teach my students how to feel comfortable with the piano and in so doing realise how expressive they can be on this instrument. It’s important to physically move your body with the music and I demonstrate how to listen to your body as you play, enabling the relaxing of your muscles and literally becoming an extension of the instrument. I believe in guiding a person on this journey in a way that caters to their ear and passion for music so that they end up playing songs that move them. This way you feel inspired to practice and put in the effort.

Beginner to Advanced Lessons

  • A quick overview of how the piano works so that you understand this instrument.
  • Body alignment and hand placements.
  • Working through technical exercises which stretch your fingers and building strength and speed.
  • Music theory - Learning to read and write music and grasping musical terminology. (You can accomplish anything once you understand that sheet music is just a code. It can be broken into pieces that you can follow easily).
  • Working through carefully selected piano pieces which teach chord structures and hand patterns
  • Learning how to play tunes that you love so that you can apply what you have learnt in a fun way.
  • Once you become familiar with the piano you can move on to more evolved music pieces. Genres include classical, Broadway musicals, rock, pop, blues and boogie woogie, contemporary and modern music
  • Becoming familiar with the piano and learning how to play spontaneously without the need for sheet music (I feel it is important to connect to your instrument and open to the freedom of experimenting with your own melodies)

Rainbow piano.


I offer 4 half hour lessons conducted once a week for a total of R700. If it's a 5 week month it's R875