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  School Music Programs  

I offer music programs for schools which they can incorporate as part of their curriculum or as an extramural activity

Nursery Schools

Nursery KidsI firstly like to come dressed up or wearing face paint, depending on the theme for the day. I spend time with each class (approximately 15min) once a week singing songs with the children and showing them an aspect of music that is fun and easy to grasp. I bring in instruments, make sound effects and use props to interact with the children. I have composed my own children’s songs which can be sold in collaboration with the school and offer the option of recording and/or filming the children singing for a concert or fun day. I set an agenda for each month, which I extend to the school in advance, so that they can track the progress.

Research shows that kids who are actively involved in music (who play it or sing it regularly):

  • do better in reading and math when they start school
  • are better able to focus and control their bodies
  • play better with others and have higher self-esteem

Mijaelle Dress Up
Here are the activities that I offer:

Enjoying Rhythm
Children like to clap or move along to a beat and so one of the activities that I do is to bring in drums of different sizes. When I play on the big drum, we clap/move very slowly whereas we go very quickly when I play on the small one. I also like to bring in toy props like a tortoise and rabbit to help demonstrate the difference between a fast and a slow rhythm. The children can also interact with the instruments by tapping them.

Children like to copy movements and have you follow their movements too. I like to use a ribbon pole and shake it on the ground when we sing low, keeping our bodies low to the ground and as we sing high we stretch and reach for the ribbon above our heads. Another game is to use bells and shakers which make a noise as we move with the music, but when the music pauses or halts, we all have to stand still.

Dancind children

Experiencing Sound effects
Using different tools to re-create sounds for the children and telling them a quick story that they can interact with. For example bringing a wind instrument and telling them a story about a cloud that blows and every time they hear it they have to shake like a leaf.

Playing an instrument
Little ones like to shake and/or bang an instrument so it is fun to give them a basic tune to play along with using bells, shakers, rhythm sticks or drums. They can also listen to a basic pattern that I play and try to copy it.

Children love to sing and I believe in creating songs that are positive, fun and educational. We sing songs about hugging trees, having an itch and scratch for adventure, enjoying different flavoured ice-cream, family and love. I also show the kids how to use their voice by singing low and high, loud and soft and making different sounds like yawning to make an ‘aah’ sound.

Cute music train

Experiencing sound
I like to let the children feel the vibration that an instrument makes, so for example, I use a Tibetan bowl, didgeridoo or Native American flute and play it around them while they close their eyes. This is how they can feel the vibration of the music through their bodies. The didgeridoo can be ticklish when played over your belly and a Tibetan bowl can make you feel lighter and it’s fun to let the children feel the differences. 

Primary School Extra Mural Activities

Primary school children.

This is where children can come together, feel connected to a group and create something magical. Choirs are all about harmony and balance. This teaches you to be in synch with your environment, to work together for the same purpose, to treat others with respect, to focus and be patient. Choirs take practice, but when it all comes together, you literally feel like you are connected to something greater as the music that you are making moves like a wave of the ocean. You learn that you are part of a whole and that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, but that it’s okay to be yourself because there is no judgement.

Music Group
This is where children get to learn about music from all over the world, discover different musical instruments and hear about the lives of the great composers. I also like to teach about the science of sound and demonstrate this through the use of musical experiments. I dress up and tell stories, have show and tell and give the children the opportunity to participate in fun games and activities which are based on the topic of the day.

Mijaelle dancing

Drama Club
I teach the children how to freely express and to use their bodies as a tool for demonstrating emotion. They learn how to read body expressions and intuitively explain what they are seeing. This helps them get into character and gives them a reference when acting. The main focus of the class is to express yourself in a safe and fun environment, where you learn about uplifting stories, you get to practice storytelling and you think outside of the box.

Here are some examples of the activities that we do:

  • Splitting into groups and acting out fables from different cultures for e.g. Native American, Chinese, Indian,
  • Pulling an inspirational quote out of a hat and acting it out
  • Working together, using your bodies to create a new image – for example an elephant or car
  • Creating a story by each adding a few words at a time
  • Picking props out of a box and creating a character that has been on an amazing adventure and the items on him tell his/her story.
  • Listening to music, describing what you hear and moving in a way that shows the emotion of the piece – light and airy like a fairy or heavy and fast like an avalanche.
  • Putting on a puppet show, where they make their own puppets and stage props
  • Make Up and dress up to become the character or country you are representing, allows for a greater understanding of our diversity.

Monster jam
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