Mijaelle Dewart
Musical Muse Development
Bringing the magic back to music.
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Mijaelle playing her blue bird guitar.There are different ways to approach guitar playing as one focuses on the genre of music that you enjoy. I teach my students how to play songs that they love and show them how they can pick up a guitar and spontaneously play a melody without sheet music. Playing the guitar requires some strength and flexibility, therefore we always start off with warm up exercises, which stretch the muscles and strengthen the wrists and arms.

Here are the two versions of beginner lessons that I offer:

1 - Classical guitar
We will work through the Dionisio Aguado Guitar Method Workbook and you will learn how to read music. Dionisio was a Spanish classical guitarist and composer.

2 - Rock/Pop
Working through the songs that you are inspired by, you will learn chord structure, strumming patterns, guitar picking (which includes fingerstyle), scales and how to transpose a song (play it in a lower or higher key) using a capo. You can choose to learn how to read music or tablature.



I offer 4 half hour lessons conducted once a week for a total of R700. If it's a 5 week month it's R875