Mijaelle Dewart
Musical Muse Development
Bringing the magic back to music.
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Hi! I am Mijaelle and I started Musical Muse Development because I wanted to use my skills in the music industry to help others see their dreams realised.

Music has always been important in my life, and I recall my first concert that I put on for the family happening as early as 6. I remember singing along to my favourite song and ending off my performance with a bang (or poof) by knee sliding into a bean bag! Singing was not enough though, and I quickly moved on to composing tracks in my Wendy Shed using an old cassette recorder that my mom had given me.

In my early teens, I saw a keyboard for the first time in an MTV music video and I loved it so much that it became the first instrument I learnt to play. At roughly the same time, my mom found an amazing singing teacher for me, called Dawie Couzyn who was a well respected South African opera singer. The first time we met him, he was busy gardening and ever since then, we would playfully refer to him as the garden gnome. I really cherished the 8 years that I was taught by Dawie, because he gave me a full grasp of the Italian singing method and technique, whilst chuckling away and making it a fun experience.

In my final year of High School I job shadowed at Robroy Music and this then led to the release of my mother’s first meditation CD with me as the producer. It was this experience that motivated me to buy a portable music studio and to start learning about sound engineering and producing. Thereafter, I composed and produced the music for 3 more meditation CD’s as well as my debut album. In the interim, I taught myself how to play the guitar, as it was a way to have music on the go; however the real benefit was that I could experiment with new music styles and bring more acoustic sounds to my music.

The world of music is diverse and I have a huge passion to dive in and gather knowledge and learn from those around me. I also have the desire to make it easier for other people starting out in the industry to get direction and encouragement, so that they don’t give up on following their dreams. This passion inspired me to teach and to create the Heart-Beats You Tube channel, which features educational and uplifting interviews with professionals in the industry, bringing the focus to the possibilities available.


Overall, I am on an ever-expanding musical adventure that brings interesting people across my path and gives me the opportunity to learn and live music. I am very grateful to do what I love and to be able to share this passion with the world!